Loll Designs September Sale – 15% off and Free Shipping!

End of summer got you down? Have no fear – Loll Designs is here! And through September 30 enjoy 15% off and free shipping* in the continental US.

With Loll, we are convinced that our soggy Pacific Northwest weather has met its match. Loll products require no maintenance. Meaning, you can leave your furniture outdoors without having to fuss with ill-fitting covers; you can save your back (and your shins!) without having to schlep your outdoor furniture into storage; and you can enjoy your furniture year round for it will not blow around, rot, fade or fall apart at the joinery. Made from heavy-duty recycled #2 plastic, Loll Designs furniture is responsibly manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota – in the good old US of A.

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Women Designer Spotlight – Sandy Chilewich

We’ve carried Sandy Chilewich’s floor mats and table mats since the day we opened in May 2008. Her products remain best-sellers for us because of great design, ease of care, and high-quality American manufacturing.

A fascination with and love of textiles infused Sandy’s first entrepreneurial venture, as well. She co-founded the hosiery company Hue in 1978, which is credited with transforming that industry using innovative design and packaging. After leaving the company in 1994, she continued her pursuit of unusual materials for several design concepts, including one of our favorites – the Ray  Tray. This design featured a metal frame over which fabric  was stretched to form a concave surface.

One of Sandy’s early houseware designs – the Ray Tray

Sadly, this piece is no longer available. Grab one if you see it at a thrift store!

In her explorations of materials to use for the Ray Tray, she came across extruded yarns, which she found fascinating. Although this type of yarn did not work for her Ray Tray, it sparked her next venture using these textiles as placemats and floormats and the Chilewich company was born. Soon after, her architect husband, Joe Sultan, developed a commercial-grade backing for the floormats and the company continued to grow. In 2004, Joe sold his architecture practice and joined Chilewich as CEO, which became Chilewich | Sultan LLC.

While placemats and floormats make up the bulk of their offerings, the company continually develops new weaves, colors, and product lines each season. From personal accessories like bags and zips (sadly, no longer available) to small furniture like these Cubes, Chilewich is constantly innovating.

Chilewich Cube – $295

Made almost exclusively in the U.S., Chilewich now finishes 95% of their products in their own manufacturing facility in Georgia.

These shag doormats are great for indoor or outdoor use and come in a wide variety of colors.

2×3′ Utility Mat – $79

Each season Chilewich develops new patterns, weaves, and colors for her woven mats. They are available in a variety of sizes, as well.

Chilewich tablemats are supremely practical, easy to clean and very durable. Like the floormats, the come in a wide range of weaves, colors and sizes. We can easily special order exactly what you’d like.

The Modern Placemat – $10

Mini Basketwave Placemat , Guava – $14.50

Wave Placemat, Black/White – $15

Plaid Placemat, Sorbet – $18

Here’s a quote from Sandy that resonates with us:

“(not following trends) certainly  makes us very distinctive – we don’t follow anybody and if it’s been done, I don’t want to do it. Originality is definitely my greatest mission.”


Women Designer Spotlight – Meg Drinkwater + Megan Perry of The Granite

Our third spotlight for Women’s History Month focuses on Meg Drinkwater and Megan Perry, co-founders of The Granite workshop in Portland, OR. This creative duo joined forces in 2014 and bring together their varied, but complimentary, skills and experiences to form a productive and creative partnership.

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Women Designer Spotlight – Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

Happy March! In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ll be tipping our hats to some favorite female designers we have the pleasure of representing at Ideal. As a women owned-and-operated business (yes, all four of us are women!), we know a thing or two…

First off, Rebel Girls founders, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

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Chilewich Tote Bags and Zips Are Here!

They’re back! We have proudly carried Sandy Chilewich’s designs since we first opened in 2008. Her floormats and tablemats have been dependable shop favorites since day one. For the first few years we were open, Chilewich also made handbags and zippered pouches using their proprietary vinyl textile material. Customers and staff were thrilled with these sturdy, elegant bags which were built to last. Production of bags was halted several years ago, but we are thrilled to report tote bags and zips are once again available. See below for a preview of what’s in stock. Stop by to see for yourself – these bags are fantastic. Made in the USA.

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Now’s the Time to Order Loll Furniture!

It’s been a beautiful spring and June is just around the corner. Have you been wanting to replace your outdoor furniture? We have Loll Designs, which could solve all your needs.

Loll Designs makes maintenance-free furniture meant to be left outside 365 days a year. Based in Duluth, Minnesota, Loll manufactures chairs, tables, benches and more using recycled plastic milk jugs. Since most pieces are made to order and production takes several weeks, now is a great time to get your order in before the summer rush. However, if you are in a bind, select pieces are available and ready to ship immediately. Read more