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Unintentional matching has been a hazard for 10 years, now! Great minds think alike, right?

We love people. We prefer conversing and doing business in person. With age comes wisdom… that is why after 10 years at Ideal, we have decided to return to our roots by embracing the experience. We are bidding goodbye to our e-commerce site, and look forward to connecting with you in a more authentic way – face to face.

We carefully select the objects we stock in our shop and encourage customers to take a break from this nonstop world and enjoy the browse, handle an object, and thoughtfully choose that perfect gift. Less clicking and more connecting.

Let’s get real. We can’t compete with Amazon’s prices. But we do have a competitive edge when it comes to connecting with our community. We are local friendly faces, ready to help. We can answer questions about products and designers, and will happily give you recommendations for neighborhood lunch spots. There’s even a good chance we’ll remember what you purchased five years ago because, guess what? We’ve researched that design, ordered it for the shop and most likely sold it to you as well.

That said, we are not ditching the website, rather you can think of it as a catalog of our favorite offerings. Browse online and then stop in to experience the designs in person. And remember, we are always only a phone call (360) 752-5522 or email away if you can’t make it in. We’re happy to talk over your purchase, help with gifting, and ship for you. In a hurry? Call ahead and we can have your gift wrapped and ready to pick up.

We will continue to share our newest arrivals on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and will be posting regular blog pieces about designers, news, and upcoming events.

Ten years older and wiser, through countless bumps and changes, here we still are. Thanks for coming along for the ride. See you soon at Ideal.

-Kathleen & Lisa

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Women Designer Spotlight – Sandy Chilewich Wed, 28 Mar 2018 17:55:54 +0000 We’ve carried Sandy Chilewich’s floor mats and table mats since the day we opened in May 2008. Her products remain best-sellers for us because of great design, ease of care, and high-quality American manufacturing.

A fascination with and love of textiles infused Sandy’s first entrepreneurial venture, as well. She co-founded the hosiery company Hue in 1978, which is credited with transforming that industry using innovative design and packaging. After leaving the company in 1994, she continued her pursuit of unusual materials for several design concepts, including one of our favorites – the Ray  Tray. This design featured a metal frame over which fabric  was stretched to form a concave surface.

One of Sandy’s early houseware designs – the Ray Tray

Sadly, this piece is no longer available. Grab one if you see it at a thrift store!

In her explorations of materials to use for the Ray Tray, she came across extruded yarns, which she found fascinating. Although this type of yarn did not work for her Ray Tray, it sparked her next venture using these textiles as placemats and floormats and the Chilewich company was born. Soon after, her architect husband, Joe Sultan, developed a commercial-grade backing for the floormats and the company continued to grow. In 2004, Joe sold his architecture practice and joined Chilewich as CEO, which became Chilewich | Sultan LLC.

While placemats and floormats make up the bulk of their offerings, the company continually develops new weaves, colors, and product lines each season. From personal accessories like bags and zips (sadly, no longer available) to small furniture like these Cubes, Chilewich is constantly innovating.

Chilewich Cube – $295

Made almost exclusively in the U.S., Chilewich now finishes 95% of their products in their own manufacturing facility in Georgia.

These shag doormats are great for indoor or outdoor use and come in a wide variety of colors.

2×3′ Utility Mat – $79

Each season Chilewich develops new patterns, weaves, and colors for her woven mats. They are available in a variety of sizes, as well.

Chilewich tablemats are supremely practical, easy to clean and very durable. Like the floormats, the come in a wide range of weaves, colors and sizes. We can easily special order exactly what you’d like.

The Modern Placemat – $10

Mini Basketwave Placemat , Guava – $14.50

Wave Placemat, Black/White – $15

Plaid Placemat, Sorbet – $18

Here’s a quote from Sandy that resonates with us:

“(not following trends) certainly  makes us very distinctive – we don’t follow anybody and if it’s been done, I don’t want to do it. Originality is definitely my greatest mission.”


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Easter Basket Ideas Sun, 25 Mar 2018 21:43:18 +0000 Easter is Near! No Foolin’!

The Easter Bunny arrives next Sunday morning.  Are you ready? We have some great designs for kids that are perfect for those baskets and will be enjoyed long after the jelly beans are gone.

We will be closed on Sunday, April 1 to hunt for eggs with our families and maybe play a few April Fools jokes, too. Enjoy the holiday.

Wooden Tanagram Puzzle – $15

Seven pieces come nested in a wooden tray which includes 30 illustrated puzzles and solutions to challenge both mind and creativity. You can also invent your own creations. Made in the USA.

Travel Tic-Tac-Toe – $10

This little set packs up small so you can take it in the car, to the restaurant, on the plane, you name it. Made in the USA.

Sunprint Kit, $6.25

By placing objects on the photosensitive paper and exposing to light, an image is captured in silhouette. Rinse in water, and your print magically appears. Given 12 sheets of paper, there’s plenty of chance to experiment. Made in the USA.

Wooden Pizza Teether – $14

Here’s a natural wooden teether for babies that’s shaped like a piece of pepperoni pizza. Smooth and safe, holes in the slice make it easy for small hands to grasp. Made in the USA.

Bear Hopper Jalopy – $16

We love versatile toys and this one fits the bill. A rolling bear that’s easy to grip, race, or chew on. Crafted from smooth, Midwestern hardwood, he’s built to last. Made in the USA.

Cross Stitch Bear – $15

A great introduction to cross-stitch. Set comes with wool yarn in two tones, a safe plastic needle and an instructional booklet.

Magic Plastic – $7.50

These plastic charms will magically shrink when baked.  Make your own key chain, jewelry or charms!

Rub-On Decals – $10

A set of cool decals to customize your clothes, dishes, accessories and more.

Silicone Lid + Bowl – $13

This bowl and lid set is perfect for little hands. Fill with Easter jellybeans or fresh fruit. These containers feel smooth as silk and are made from 100% pure food-grade silicone. Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

Stasher Bag – $12

We love this alternative to plastic bags. With a pinch-press sealed top, you can store food, travel toiletries, toys, craft supplies…you name it. Stasher contains no plastic, fillers, or byproducts and complies with FDA and European food-grade standards.

8-Color Crayon – $10

This Japanese design includes pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, and purple crayons. Twist the top and push the lever to easily swap colors.

Smallest Coloring Book in the World – $5

This miniature book is easy to take with you for on-the-go coloring.

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Women Designer Spotlight – Meg Drinkwater + Megan Perry of The Granite Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:49:35 +0000 Our third spotlight for Women’s History Month focuses on Meg Drinkwater and Megan Perry, co-founders of The Granite workshop in Portland, OR. This creative duo joined forces in 2014 and bring together their varied, but complimentary, skills and experiences to form a productive and creative partnership.

At work in The Granite’s Portland studio. Image courtesy The Granite.

Megan Perry’s background is in interior design and Meg Drinkwater’s is in metalsmithing and ceramics. They design and make everything in their Portland studio with the help of just one or two employees. Pattern is at the heart of much of their work, and each design is either painted by hand or applied by hand using stencils. The tactile appeal of each piece means it’s hard to resist picking things up and touching them. We love the warmth and authenticity of these handmade ceramics.

We’re partial to their slipcast ceramic pieces, which range from votive holders and vases to dishes and matchstrikes.

A strike-anywhere match can be lit by striking on the textured front of the box. Smart!

Small Matchbox, Olive – $32

Small Matchbox, Dark Green – $32


These small dishes have an appealing shape, with an extended lip that makes them easy to pass and fill. And that dark navy piping around the edge – perfect.

Box Dishes – $42 (sold individually)

The Bottle Vases are slip cast and beautifully glazed, featuring hand stenciled patterns. Years ago, Meg’s mother sent her an old milk jug she’d found on her property in New Hampshire. The shape was so appealing, Meg and Megan decided to make a mold of it for casting. We’ve found customers love these on display with or without flowers.


Oxer Bottle Vase – $76

Beach Blanket Bottle Vase – $76

Meg and Megan have recently expanded their offerings into textiles and jewelry, and we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

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Women Designer Spotlight – Kat Nouri, Modern-Twist Thu, 15 Mar 2018 21:32:36 +0000 Our second Woman Designer Spotlight features Kat Nouri, founder of Modern-Twist and Stasher.

Kat Nouri Modern Twist

Kat Nouri

With one parent a nutritionist and the other, an athlete, Nouri had a concern for eating organic and sustainably from a very young age. When she had kids of her own, that concern only grew deeper. Avoiding harmful chemicals in food she cooked for her family was something she was accustomed to, but what about the safety of the materials their food was served on? Modern-Twist was built around the belief that what we eat ON should be as wholesome as what we eat.

Seattle Mark-mat Set, $25

We’ve carried Modern-Twist place mats and bibs since we opened back in 2008 and they remain a customer favorite. Made using soft, food-grade silicone, these mats and bibs have transformed mealtime for thousands of families. The Mark-Mat sets feature silk-screened illustrations and come with a set of non-toxic dry erase markers for coloring. Simply wipe clean afterwards and the mat is ready to color again. The bibs rinse clean and feature a handy pocket to catch spills. The newest Modern-Twist offering is the lid+bowl, perfect for snacking on-the-go.

Monkey Business Bucket Bib, $20

Lid+Bowl, $13

Nouri’s latest venture is Stasher bags.  Frustrated with overuse of plastic bags and their toll on our bodies due to chemical leaching, as well as the harm they do our planet, she created reusable zip-top bags using platinum-quality silicone.  Her Stasher bags are petroleum-free and contain no PVC, latex or phthalates. And while 20 million plastic bags end up in U.S. landfills each day, Stasher bags are reusable for at least three years and can be frozen, microwaved or put in the dishwasher. We admire Nouri’s tenacity to see a problem in her own life (overuse of disposable plastic bags in lunchboxes) and transform that into a viable solution that looks and works great.

Stasher Bag, large – $12


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Women Designer Spotlight – Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo Thu, 08 Mar 2018 18:51:22 +0000 Happy March! In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ll be tipping our hats to some favorite female designers we have the pleasure of representing at Ideal. As a women owned-and-operated business (yes, all four of us are women!), we know a thing or two…

First off, Rebel Girls founders, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

Our window this month features posters of several figures from Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Volume 1 of this wildly popular set is currently the most successful book in crowdfunding history. No surprise to us. Although written with children in mind, we’ve found adults enjoy it just as much. The concept? After realizing that 95% of the books and TV shows they grew up with lacked girls in prominent positions, creators Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo decided to do something about it. They collected stories of women from around the globe and throughout history, some well-known (Frida Kahlo) and others not, at least to us (weightlifter Amna al Haddad from United Arab Emirates). Each is presented in a succinct, engaging text, that might be suitably read as a bedtime story or fairy tale. From politicians to pirates to airplane pilots, the stories inspire readers to dream big and have confidence. Each story is paired with a vivid portrait created by a variety of female artists from around the world.  

Along with empowering girls, play has always been central to Favilli and Cavallo’s entrepreneurial ventures. Through their company, Timbuktu Labs, they created the first iPad magazine for children, which engages children through current events and news. They also developed several award winning mobile games for kids, as well as an interactive playground. Using methods intently focused on children’s experience of play and creativity, their agency helps educational institutions and companies bring products to market.



Shortly after the the first volume of Rebel Girls was published in 2016, Favilli and Cavallo began getting requests for a second volume from fans who had run out of bedtime stories. A second volume featuring 100 more women was published in November 2017, collected mostly from suggestions by reader from around the globe. After recently adding posters, notecards, and coloring books to their offerings, we look forward to seeing what they think of next.

For a fantastic conversation between these two smart women about their process, philosophy, and more, listen to them interview each other on The Pool:

Stay tuned for our next woman designer highlight soon!

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Last Minute Shoppers, Unite! Sun, 24 Dec 2017 03:08:00 +0000

We’re Open Christmas Eve 9am-4pm
Stop by for Dutch cookies and last minute gifts. We still have lots of great designs in stock and ready to go. Downtown should be busy, festive AND we wrap for free!

Stocking Stuffers from Acme Farms & Kitchen
Just in time for last minute shopping, we now have a nice selection of delicious, regionally sourced treats that are perfect for stockings. From salted chocolate chip cookie mix to out of this world caramel sauce, we’ve got tasty treats for stockings and more. Thanks, Acme Farms & Kitchen!

As always, if you need help or are rushed for time, call 360-752-5522 or email us with any questions.

Holiday Hours
A few changes to our regular hours over the next week:

  • Monday, 12/25 – Closed
  • Tuesday, 12/26 – Closed
  • Sunday, 12/31 – 12-3pm
  • Monday, 1/1 – Closed

We’re grateful to be celebrating our 10th holiday season this year. Thank you for supporting our locally-owned-and-operated business!

-Kathleen, Lisa, Julia, Taylor & Annie

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Gift Pairings with Local Shops Wed, 20 Dec 2017 17:37:29 +0000 We love our neighborhood of downtown Bellingham and feel fortunate to be situated near so many other fantastic locally-owned businesses. It’s easy to shop local, and even more fun when you can partner up two great local offerings in one gift. Here are a few pairings we think are fun and festive. As always, we have many more ideas so give us a call 360-752-5522 or email if you are stumped!

  • Extended Holiday Hours have begun. Through December 23 we will be open Monday – Saturday, 10am-8pm. Head downtown, grab some dinner and stop by to see what’s new. December 24 we are open until 4pm for last minute needs.
  • Did you know we gift wrap – for FREE? Hooray!

Pairing #1 – Marimekko Pot Holder + Bellingham Farmers Market Bucks

Marimekko Spalje Potholder – $15

Is there a cook on your list? The best local cooks know the Bellingham Farmers Market is where it’s at. Here’s a festive potholder you could pair with Market Bucks. We love this spalje pattern for holiday, featuring a deep red color with cheerful sprigs of white berries.

Bellingham Farmers Market Bucks

This Saturday is the last Farmers Market of 2017 and you can get bucks in $5 increments. These bucks can be used for fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients for fantastic meals throughout the year. While you’re at it, grab a few extra bucks for stockings!

Pairing #2 – Carne Sausages + Doro Grill Fork

Carne Meats (or Gift Certificate!)

We’re fortunate to have an old-fashioned butchery in Bellingham, offering superior quality, pasture-raised meats. For the meat-lover on your list. you could grab some Carne sausages and pair them with a Doro grill fork. They also offer gift certificates if you’re uncertain what cut to buy.

Doro Grill Fork – $14

Slip this clever fork onto a branch and you’ve got a great tool for cooking vegetables, sausages, marshmallows and more. Because of its symmetrical design, food remains stable while rotating the fork. Made in Switzerland.

Pairing #3 – Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop + Mallard

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop – $19

Zeroll has been making the very best ice cream scoops since 1935.  With no moving parts to malfunction,  the secret to the Zeroll’s success is heat conductive fluid sealed inside the handle. The warmth of your hand heats up the scoop just enough to easily roll the ice cream with minimal effort. Why not pair with a pint of Mallard Ice Cream?

Mallard Ice Cream Pint (or Gift Certificate!)

Whether classics like Super Chocolate or exotics like Bourbon Black Pepper, Mallard has been making delicious ice cream locally since 1998. Grab a pint to go or a gift certificate for later to wrap up with a Zeroll Scoop.

Pairing #4 – Seifert & Jones Wine + iittala Essence Wine Glasses

Seifert & Jones Wine (or Gift Certificate!)

It’s great to rely on Ted and Diane’s expertise when we need a bottle of wine for any occasion. And how great to be able to walk over and pick it up! If you aren’t sure which type of wine to buy, get a gift certificate and pair with some iittala wine glasses.

iittala Essence Wine Glasses (set of 2) – $40

These elegant glasses with a long, slender profile are part of the Essence series of glassware, designed with uniform stems and bases to give a balanced look even among different profiles. Made in Germany.

Pairing #5 – Bauer Pottery Madagascar Vase + A New Leaf Bouquet

Bauer Pottery Vase – $38

This festive red is in for holiday from Bauer. A versatile size and shape, the Madagascar is sure to become a favorite vase. All Bauer Pottery is thrown and glazed to order in Los Angeles. A New Leaf can fill that vase with a lovely selection of fresh flowers.

A New Leaf Bouquet

We love bringing a vase in to the talented staff at A New Leaf and knowing they’ll fill it with beautiful blossoms and greens. Since they are just one block north of us on Cornwall, it’s easy to walk up the street and drop off your vase for them to fill.

Pairing #6 – Chuckanut Bay Distillery Spirits + Normann Copenhagen Rocking  Glasses

Chuckanut Bay Distillery Spirits

These locally distilled spirits are truly a treat. Bourbon, vodka, gin and more can be sampled in their tasting room. Stop by for a taste and grab a bottle as a gift, which you can pair with our Rocking Glasses. We can’t wait for them to open their new facility in 2018, just a few doors north of us on Cornwall Avenue.

Normann Copenhagen Rocking Glasses (set of 4) – $27

Designer Britt Bonnesen was thinking of airline travel when the idea of the Rocking Glass arose. A glass that swayed with the airplane’s movements would spill less frequently. Her set of glasses are rounded on the bottom, so each rocks gently when set down. Any Chuckanut Distillery spirit would be lovely in these!

Pairing #7 – Japanese Salt Box + Old World Deli Truffle Salt

Japanese Salt Box – $24

Perfectly simple with a hinoki lid that helps absorb moisture and keep your salt from clumping. Made in Japan. Pair this with some special salt for a delicious gift.

Old World Deli Truffle Salt

We love Old World Deli for all kinds of gourmet treats.  Not only do they serve top notch grilled sandwiches, soups and much more for lunch, they have a wonderful selection of specialty salts, olive oils, vinegars and other treats that make great gifts. Pick up some truffle salt to include with the salt box for savory gift.


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Gifts to Pamper Mon, 18 Dec 2017 07:39:44 +0000 Here are some choices for special treats to pamper someone you love…or yourself! Whether making a room cozier with a lovely candle or adorning a friend with a pretty necklace, these gifts make us think of coziness and indulgence. As always, we have many more ideas so give us a call 360-752-5522 or email if you are stumped!

  • Extended Holiday Hours have begun. Through December 23 we will be open Monday – Saturday, 10am-8pm. Head downtown, grab some dinner and stop by to see what’s new. December 24 we are open until 4pm for last minute needs.
  • Did you know we gift wrap – for FREE? Hooray!

ORU Sappho Necklace – $71

ORU specializes in jewelry made using Japanese glass beads. Each bead is woven individually into a fabric-like structure, which is then sewn onto a cast sterling silver structure. Also available in teal and cobalt blue colors.

ORU Wishbone Earrings – $53

We love the color, texture, and attention to detail in these beautiful earrings. Also available in cobalt blue and ash colors. Made in Portland.


Normann Copenhagen Ekko Blanket – $181

This lovely throw blanket features a traditional jacquard weaving technique combined with a contemporary graphic pattern. Warm shades of grey will compliment most any decor.

klt:works Infinity Scarf – $50

So versatile and easy to wear, we love the unfussy nature of infinity scarves. This one is extra special. Designed, screen printed by hand, and sewn by our friend Kristin Loffer Theiss. Made in the USA.

Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask – $24

Great for meditation, relaxation, travel, or simply a good night’s sleep, micro fine Binchotan charcoal powder is infused into the organic cotton that lines that back of this eye mask. Gentle elastic bands hold the mask comfortably in place. Made in Japan.

Forest & Waves Igloo Candle – $28

Cast from a mold of an igloo, this cozy candle is hard to resist. 48 hours burn time and a subtle rosemary peppermint scent. Made in Canada.

iittala Kastehelmi Votive – $25

Designed in 1964, the Kastehelmi pattern looks just as inviting and new today.  Evoking dewdrops, small bubbles are pressed into the glass, resulting in beautiful reflections cast around the votive when lit. Made in Finland.

Marimekko Pakkanen Mug – $22

How about a cup of cocoa in a special mug? This wintry pattern is called pakkanen (frost) and features a crisply outlined bird with blue and red accents.


Striped Matchbox – $32

This ceramic box keeps your matches tidy and ready to strike at the hearth, mantel, or in the guest bathroom. Ridges on its striped surface allow matches to be lit directly on the box. Made in Portland, OR.

Marimekko Christmas Stocking – $38.50

Spruce up your mantel with a beautiful Marimekko stocking. The classic Unikko (poppy) pattern is updated for holiday in a warm red and plum colorway.

The Big Snow Book – $18.99

We love finding a special holiday book for the shop each year. This one is especially nice to read on a chilly winter evening. First published in 1948, this peaceful story follows a series of animals as a winter storm nears.

Bierfilzl Felt Coaster Set – $24

These warm, felt coasters were such a staple in Bavarian taverns that to this day, locals call coasters of all kinds “bierfilzl” (beer felt). This lovely multi-color set proves that felt coasters are functional, durable and sophisticated. Made in the USA.

Tamanohada Orange Soap – $12

This lovely, round soap has no seams, so feels extra smooth and soothing cupped in your hands. Makes a great gift, but you probably want one for yourself, too. Made in Japan.

Hinoki Soap Dish – $18

Don’t be fooled by its minimalism… this wooden soap dish is made from Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) and prized for its natural antibacterial and therapeutic qualities. Made in Japan.

Knit Cap – $34

A cozy, soft cap that’s generously sized. Cuff it or leave it long. 100% cotton. Made in the USA.

Marimekko Teapot – $115

An elegant, functional tea pot in two shades of red. We love the wooden handle and removable porcelain strainer. Not suitable for dishwasher, microwave, or stovetop, this is the perfect pot to brew tea at your table.

Marimekko Yon Varjo Tray – $59

This rectangular tray is a great size for holding drinks, appetizers, or even pretty candles. Featuring the Yon Varjo pattern with dark navy silhouettes on white, you’ll use it for holidays and beyond. Made in Sweden.

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Small Yet Mighty Gifts Thu, 14 Dec 2017 20:49:28 +0000 Stocking Stuffers for Grown Ups
Good things come in small packages! Here are our picks for interesting, unique designs to tuck in a stocking or pop in the mail. Don’t let their size fool you – these gifts make a big impression.

  • Extended Holiday Hours have begun! Through December 23 we will be open Monday – Saturday, 10am-8pm and Sundays, 11am-6pm. Head downtown, grab some dinner and stop by to see what’s new. December 24 we are open until 4pm for last minute needs. Head downtown, grab some dinner and stop by to see what’s new.
  • Did you know we gift wrap – for FREE? Yes, indeed.

Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon…

Perpetual Desk Calendar – $18

You’ll never need to replace this helpful calendar. Simply turn the dials to display the month and match up the dates. We love the easy-to-read, practical design. Made in Japan.

Pocket Tape Measure- $14

We’re often surprised how often a tape measure comes in handy. Here’s one that’s easy to keep in your pocket or bag so you’re always prepared.

Brass Incense Holder – $7

This two-piece holder includes a brass ring with a separate ball, allowing you to adjust the angle at which you burn incense. Two holes fit either Indian or Japanese sticks. Made in Japan.

Mini Clip Board – $10

Keep your smallest papers tidy and ready to mark up with this tiny clip board. Kids find it extra fun, too.

MagnetPal – $13

Hide-a-key, retrieve dropped metal objects from small spaces, store drill bits or sewing needles, find screws of other small metal objects lost in carpet…the list goes on and on – over 100 uses suggested!

Brass Whistle Keychain – $10

Handy for bicyclists but also works as a security whistle. Available in brass or silver finish.


Brass Double Pencil Sharpener – $9

A solid brass sharpener that will stand the test of time. Made by Dux, a company that’s been manufacturing high-quality sharpeners in Germany since 1918.

Wine Os – $18

A sophisticated set of 12 merino wool rings, the perfect size to fit around the stem of your glass. Perfect for keeping track of whose glass is whose. Made in the USA.

Marimekko Ornament – $15

A sweet heart-shaped ornament you’ll want to display long after Christmas. Featuring the iconic Unikko pattern.

Wilhelmina Peppermints – $3

Sizeable, not too sweet, and they are even pretty. A portrait of Princess Wilhelmina herself graces each and every mint. Made in the Netherlands since 1892.

Marimekko Spoon – $14

Appetizers, jam, coffee…you’ll find all sorts of reasons to use this sweet spoon.

Sweetfire Strikable Fire Starters – $7

Box contains 20 match points which are infused with vegetable wax to allow for up to 7 minutes of burn time each. Srikeable tip can be used with striker on the box so no need to bring matches.


Topo Designs Micro Accessory Bag – $13

No more digging at the bottom of your bag! Great for change, chapstick, keys, you name it – this versatile pouch will keep you organized and ready to go. Made in the USA.

Leschi Lantern – $14

The Leschi’s hybrid design telescopes into a lantern or collapses into a powerful, compact flashlight for more focused lighting. Can also be operated as an emergency strobe. Water resistant and runs on AA batteries.

Marimekko Notepad Set – $12.95

A set of two notebooks, handy for making lists and taking notes. Featuring the iconic Räsymatto and Siirtolapuutarha patterns.

Whiskey Stones – $8

Chill these soapstone cubes in the freezer and they are ready to chill your next dram. Clever package design slips right over the neck of a bottle of whisky. Made in the USA.

Rex Vegetable Peeler – $10

This tool’s ergonomic handle makes peeling a breeze. Great for vegetables and fruits, as well as slicing chocolate, and cheese. Pivoting steel blade is tempered to resist rust. Made in Switzerland.

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