Less Clicking, More Connecting

Unintentional matching has been a hazard for 10 years, now! Great minds think alike, right?

We love people. We prefer conversing and doing business in person. With age comes wisdom… that is why after 10 years at Ideal, we have decided to return to our roots by embracing the experience. We are bidding goodbye to our e-commerce site, and look forward to connecting with you in a more authentic way – face to face.

We carefully select the objects we stock in our shop and encourage customers to take a break from this nonstop world and enjoy the browse, handle an object, and thoughtfully choose that perfect gift. Less clicking and more connecting.

Let’s get real. We can’t compete with Amazon’s prices. But we do have a competitive edge when it comes to connecting with our community. We are local friendly faces, ready to help. We can answer questions about products and designers, and will happily give you recommendations for neighborhood lunch spots. There’s even a good chance we’ll remember what you purchased five years ago because, guess what? We’ve researched that design, ordered it for the shop and most likely sold it to you as well.

That said, we are not ditching the website, rather you can think of it as a catalog of our favorite offerings. Browse online and then stop in to experience the designs in person. And remember, we are always only a phone call (360) 752-5522 or email away if you can’t make it in. We’re happy to talk over your purchase, help with gifting, and ship for you. In a hurry? Call ahead and we can have your gift wrapped and ready to pick up.

We will continue to share our newest arrivals on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and will be posting regular blog pieces about designers, news, and upcoming events.

Ten years older and wiser, through countless bumps and changes, here we still are. Thanks for coming along for the ride. See you soon at Ideal.

-Kathleen & Lisa

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