Women Designer Spotlight – Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

Happy March! In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ll be tipping our hats to some favorite female designers we have the pleasure of representing at Ideal. As a women owned-and-operated business (yes, all four of us are women!), we know a thing or two…

First off, Rebel Girls founders, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

Our window this month features posters of several figures from Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Volume 1 of this wildly popular set is currently the most successful book in crowdfunding history. No surprise to us. Although written with children in mind, we’ve found adults enjoy it just as much. The concept? After realizing that 95% of the books and TV shows they grew up with lacked girls in prominent positions, creators Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo decided to do something about it. They collected stories of women from around the globe and throughout history, some well-known (Frida Kahlo) and others not, at least to us (weightlifter Amna al Haddad from United Arab Emirates). Each is presented in a succinct, engaging text, that might be suitably read as a bedtime story or fairy tale. From politicians to pirates to airplane pilots, the stories inspire readers to dream big and have confidence. Each story is paired with a vivid portrait created by a variety of female artists from around the world.  

Along with empowering girls, play has always been central to Favilli and Cavallo’s entrepreneurial ventures. Through their company, Timbuktu Labs, they created the first iPad magazine for children, which engages children through current events and news. They also developed several award winning mobile games for kids, as well as an interactive playground. Using methods intently focused on children’s experience of play and creativity, their agency helps educational institutions and companies bring products to market.



Shortly after the the first volume of Rebel Girls was published in 2016, Favilli and Cavallo began getting requests for a second volume from fans who had run out of bedtime stories. A second volume featuring 100 more women was published in November 2017, collected mostly from suggestions by reader from around the globe. After recently adding posters, notecards, and coloring books to their offerings, we look forward to seeing what they think of next.

For a fantastic conversation between these two smart women about their process, philosophy, and more, listen to them interview each other on The Pool:


Stay tuned for our next woman designer highlight soon!

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