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Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter Basket Stuffers

The Easter Bunny is on the Way!

Easter is Sunday, 4/17 and we've got so many choices for fun, creative gifts to fill gift baskets. Below are some favorites, but for many more ideas, check our new Easter Basket Stuffers gift guide. 

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Bunny Stickers - $3
A sheet of cute bunny stickers to decorate notes, planners, letters and more! Made in Korea. 
Bunny Notepad - $2.25
This notebook is the perfect size for little hands. A cuddly bunny adorns each page. Also great for lists of all sorts.  Made in Japan.
Handmade Playdough - $10
Play dough in a shimmering combination of tropical blues, yellow and green. This unique dough not only looks amazing, it's sustainably made in the USA using natural colors, organic essential oils and eco-friendly glitter and packaging. We have have four unique styles in stock!
    Mini Beatle Car - $12
    Classic, low-tech fun! This wooden car's streamlined shape appeals to kids and grownups, alike. The center hole is easy for little hands to grasp, push and pull. Recommended for ages 1+. Made in Poland. 
      Not a Box - $8.99
      A box is just a box...unless it's not a box. From mountain to rocket ship, a small rabbit shows that a box will go as far as the imagination allows. This board book edition has sturdy pages and is a good size for the youngest readers.
          Japanese Mini Colored Pencil Set - $10
          A fun mini set of pencils that includes a sharpener and eraser, too! 
          Plus-Plus Play Tube - $8
          Construct animals, shapes and designs with these award-winning playful toy blocks. Each tube contains 70 colorful pieces to stimulate creativity and enhance STEM learning. Recommended for ages 5+. We have bear, giraffe, fox, dolphin, and lion. Made in Denmark.
          Moominsummer Madness - $7.99
          We have several Moomin books in stock right now! When a flood sweeps through the valley, the Moomins must find a new house. As Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden disappear the family realize that the house may hold the answers to more than they ever dreamed. 
          Rain Drop Stickers - $3
          Or how about happy rain drop stickers for spring? 
          Dinosaur Notepad - $2.25
          We also have dinosaur and unicorn notepads! 
          Magic Flying Butterfly (sold individually) - $7
          Enjoy the surprise and create cheer with these magical butterflies. Wind the wings 40 times (you can do it!), then tuck it into a card or book, and when opened the butterfly takes flight. These butterflies can be used over and over again. Made in France.
            Kitpas Bath Crayons - $8
            These Bath Crayons are designed to draw directly on tile and tub surfaces, then wash off with water! The non-toxic crayons float, and they even work on wet surfaces. The packaging doubles as a handy case (with drainage hole) and includes a suction cup so you can attach it to the bath. Made in Japan.
            Sunprint Kit - $7
            By placing objects on the photosensitive paper and exposing to light, an image is captured in silhouette. Rinse in water, and your print magically appears. Given 12 sheets of paper, there's plenty of chance to experiment. Made in the USA.
            Mini Surprise Balls - $7 each
            These cheery balls are a fun way to celebrate. Four prizes are hidden beneath layers of crepe paper. Discover each as you unwind the layers. Suprise Balls are fun party favors, festive stocking stuffers and good to have on hand for last-minute gifting. Handmade in Oregon.
            Plus-Plus BIG Tube - $10
            Here's a version of Plus-Plus for smaller, younger hands. Bigger pieces are safer for toddlers and easier to manipulate. We have giraffe, flamingo, neon and basic sets. Recommended for ages 18+ months. Made in Denmark. 
            Abel's Island by William Steig - $18.99
            This classic by William Steig tells the tale of a resourceful mouse who realizes his ingenuity after finding himself trapped on an island. A Newberry honor book in 1977, it also features many wonderful illustrations by Steig.
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