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ReMade: Celebration Full Lineup of Designs

ReMade: Celebration Full Lineup of Designs

ReMade Opening Reception is this Friday!

We're so happy to once again be hosting WWU Industrial Design students' ReMade project. The opening reception is this Friday, May 17 from 6-9pm.

ReMade is a project the junior class of Western Washington University’s Industrial Design students embarks on with the goal of taking materials that would have ended up in a landfill and turning them into functional and well-designed consumer products. In a mere matter of weeks, each student designs their product, sources all the materials, produces a limited edition of 20, and creates all packaging/branding for their piece. Ideal provides some guidance to the students during the process, sharing our thoughts from a retail perspective as well as hosting the sale.

Don't miss the opening reception this Friday, May 17 from 6-9 pm to meet these up-and-coming designers and check out their products. The students' designs will be for sale at Ideal from May 17 through May 31, while supplies last. See the full lineup below!

**Please note - we will be closed on Friday from 4-6pm for exhibition setup.**

"Alco" - vessels by Arthur Hamilton are made using reclaimed aluminum pipe and cork. Use as a mini vase, or even to hold toothpicks or matches.
"Prisma" - pendant lights by Terra Sullivan are made from reclaimed glassware she collected from thrift stores. Each features a distinct array of color and texture.
"Umbra" - votive candle holder by Owen White, made from upcycled expanded steel. This piece casts lovely shadows when lit.
"Cara" - catchall trays by Alex Orelind, fabricated from pressed cardboard. Great for organizing a table or desk.
"Fifty50" - clothes hangers by Bryce Pintner are made using discarded skateboard decks. Each features a unique piece of deck.
"Elli" - wall hooks by Maddie Loker are made from discarded keys and wood. Includes both a hook and bar feature for hanging multiple items.
"ReCut:Turnstone" - revolving trays by Griffin Downey fabricated from engineered quartz offcuts. The turnstone swivels to bring food or condiments to those across the table. Griffin also created candle holders and utensil stands using the quartz.
"Warp" multi-use mats and "Weft" coasters by Eli Braverman are woven using discarded fabric scraps from Ragfinery. Each is a unique combination of colors.
"Strum" - bowl by Kei Sano, made from discarded guitar strings. Works beautifully to hold picks.
"Bud" - bud vases made by Anika Martinet from reclaimed glass bottles and wood. A sweet size for just a few sprigs.
"Patch" - placemats by Marta Azner are sewn using fragments from fabric sample books she sourced from Ragfinery. Each is a unique combination of fabrics.
"Zuli" - jewelry tray by Kate Baring is made from wool felt offcut scraps and wood. A clever solution to organize rings, earrings and more.
"Luna" -  lamps made by Thomas O'Brien from extruded aluminum sheets functions as a table lamp but can also be rotated to spotlight artwork or other objects.
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