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ReMade: Celebration Opens at Ideal on Friday, May 17

ReMade: Celebration Opens at Ideal on Friday, May 17

Western Washington University Industrial Design Students are back with the ReMade Project, opening Friday, May 17 at Ideal.


ReMade is a project the junior class of Western Washington University’s Industrial Design students embarks on with the goal of taking materials that would have ended up in a landfill and turning them into functional and well-designed consumer products. In a mere matter of weeks, each student designs their product, sources all the materials, produces a limited edition of 20, and creates all packaging/branding for their piece. Ideal provides some guidance to the students during the process, sharing our thoughts from a retail perspective as well as hosting the sale. This is Ideal's fourteenth year collaborating with WWU Industrial Design to host the ReMade project. 


Don't miss the opening reception on Friday, May 17 from 6-9 pm to meet these up-and-coming designers and check out their products. The students' designs will be for sale at Ideal from May 17 through May 31, while supplies last. Ideal is located in downtown Bellingham at 1227 Cornwall Avenue.


This year’s theme, ‘Celebration,’ features 13 unique products that enrich daily needs with a touch of festivity. Students have designed a broad range of objects, a few of which are below. 

Vases made from discarded bottles and scrap wood by Anika Martinet:

Placemats made from fabric sample books by Marta Aznar Trénor:



Pendant lights made from vintage glassware by Terra Sullivan:


Serving turntables made from quartz countertop offcuts by Griffin Downey:



Multi-use mats made from landfill-bound textiles by Eli Braverman:


Multi-use desk vessels made from discarded aluminum pipe and champagne corks by Arthur Hamilton:

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