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Fun & Games!

It's Game Time!

With the autumn chill in the air comes the urge to cozy up and bring out board games and puzzles. A new (or reimagined) game makes a fun, creative way to spend time together with family and friends. We've spent time gathering lots of new options for your gaming pleasure. These are all beautifully designed, so you'll be playing for keeps!

Our current hours are Monday - Saturday 10-6 and 12-5 on Sundays. Remember you can also shop online 24/7 with curbside pickup and FREE local delivery. See something you like but have a question? Give us a call at 360-752-5522. Buying a gift? We offer complimentary gift wrapping. Thank you for shopping locally!
Geo-Pattern Dominoes - $46
Coming to us from MoMA, this set is extra special. Rather than traditional dots, players match up the colorful geometric patterns to create a formation of dominoes. The result is a beautiful mosaic of shapes and vivid colors. Set includes 28 color-pattern domino pieces stored in a wooden box with instructions. 
Snakes and Ladders Game - $36
The School of Life has taken snakes and ladders and turned it into a game about emotional life: the ladders represent all those moments when you learn how to be more of a grown-up, the snakes the times when you end up acting like a tantrum-prone toddler. Depending on where you land, you pick up cards that outline (with humor and wisdom) the ingredients of emotional maturity. Recommended for ages 14+.
    The Confessions Game - $36
    With a dice and a deck of thought-provoking cards, this game takes conversations with friends to a whole new level. Explore topics such as career, sex, money, relationships, and family in a warm and playful atmosphere. By turning confessions into a sociable and exploratory activity, this game encourages everyone to share important bits of themselves. Recommended for adults.
      Everyday Adventures Card Set - $20
      As grown-ups, one of our deepest urges is for life to be more adventurous: a little more excitement, novelty, interest and passion. Unfortunately, many adventures are too expensive, threaten to upturn everything and can upset those who rely on us. This card set brings access to smaller, more pocket-sized adventures. These everyday adventures include something tiny, like eating an unfamiliar fruit from the market, to rereading your favorite book, to asking a parent what they were like as a teenager. Recommended for adults.
        Ito Puzzle - $35
        This wooden puzzle is inspired by the Japanese furniture-making tradition of joinery, where all components interlock without nails, screws or adhesive. Simple-looking at first glance, this colorful, brain-teasing puzzle is deceptively challenging. 
        Cubologic 16 Puzzle - $26
        A game of observation and patience. Reconstruct the image on the challenge card using the 16 cubes. Includes a wooden frame, making it easy for kids to keep the grid aligned properly. We love this solo game, designed to develop patience and logic. Game includes 16 wooden cubes, 30 challenge cards and a wooden stand. Recommended for ages 8+.
        Log Cabin in a Box - $14
        A classic in the shop since we opened in 2008, this cabin in a box includes 37 pieces and is a good size for building at home or taking along to a friend’s house. Made in the USA since the 1930s.
        2-in-1 Chess and Checker Set - $55
        Also from MoMA, this 2-in-1 Chess & Checkers Set is distinguished by vivid colors and bold graphics. Choose your game, chess or checkers, and flip the board for a visual refresh. The dual-sided board acts as the cover of the wooden box for storing the game pieces. 
        The Dilemmas Game - $20 
        A card game that tests your ability to solve life’s trickiest conundrums. The dilemmas game invites you to flex your moral muscles and compare your problem-solving skills with those of your friends and family. Players must propose different solutions to 52 common dilemmas, using analogies or drawing on real-life experiences to explain their answers. Cards contain adult content. 
          The Family Game - $36
          This is a game expressly designed to help family gatherings live up to our highest hopes. It consists of a host of questions (chosen randomly with a dice) that kick-start the best sorts of conversations: ones in which we reconnect, say things we always meant to, laugh warmly together and remember why family counts. Great as a sociability game. Recommended for ages 12+. 
          National Parks Playing Cards - $14
          This standard poker-size, 52-card deck features colorful illustrations on each card of America’s National Park System. Plastic coated for durability, air dry cards if wet. Parks Project collaborates with artists to design product for sale that directly benefits non-profit groups protecting parks and public lands in the US and Canada. 
          Micro Cubebot - $12
          Cubebot is a wooden toy robot inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles. Made from wood and elastic, Cubebot can be positioned to hold dozens of poses. When it's time to rest, he folds back into a perfect cube. Recommended for ages 3+.
          Ze Geoanimo Blocks - $34
          Unleash your creativity! This set of 29 blocks in various shapes and colors will provide hours of fun. Use one of 20 design cards to create a specific animal or go freestyle and make a creature from your imagination. Recommended for ages 3+. We find grownups like playing with this set just as much as kids!
          Woodland Memory Game - $29
          These acorn shaped memory game cards are perfect for play and just the right size for little hands. Kids will be entertained by the animal and plant illustrations, designed to encourage conversation and imagination. Includes 20 pairs or cards. Recommended for ages 3+. 
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